Liquide de frein de course Pakelo

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Very high performance non silicone brake fluid for racing brake systems. It possesses exceptional dry boiling point: typical value is more than 328°C. Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid is a very high performance non silicone synthetic brake fluid, specifically studied and formulated for racing braking systems. During their functioning brakes release a high quantity of heat: under the most severe working conditions and in the most critical parts, the brake fluid can reach temperatures up to 230°C and beyond this in case of racing cars. The boiling point must be the highest possible otherwise the extreme working conditions may cause the phenomenon known as “vapour lock” (vapor bubbles that form in the braking system, with the dangerous and unpleasant situation of a “soft foot brake pedal”). Brake fluids are in general hygroscopic and absorb humidity through the flexible tubes and the brake fluid tank: the boiling point of such fluid could dangerously fall with presence of water and early oxidation phenomena of the product can happen.

The boiling point of Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid (typical value 328°C) largely exceeds SAE J1703 and F.M.V.S.S No. 116 performance limit of DOT 4 brake fluids. Even under the presence of humidity the boiling point remains, however, higher compared to common brake fluids. This characteristic virtually removes the danger of “vapour lock” in any working condition. Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid is furthermore characterized by a reduced compressibility at very high working temperatures too. Such peculiarity guarantees both superior brake reactivity and optimal modulability of the braking phase.

We recommend to use the product in this way:

  • drain completely with care the braking system;
  • flush the braking system with Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid letting the product drain;
  • finally fill in the system with Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid up to the recommended level;
  • when used for racing competitions, change Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid just before and just after the race, in particular if used under humid and raining conditions.

Fields of Application

Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid is ideal for braking systems of racing vehicles (cars and motorbikes). Product characteristics guarantee both superior brake reactivity and optimal modulability of the braking phase. Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid is chemically compatible and miscible with similar products (non silicone based) exceeding DOT 3, DOT 4 e DOT 5.1 specifications. However, we strongly recommend not to mix it with other products or with other brake fluids already in the system. In case of mixing the high technical performance of the product is not guaranteed, in particular at high working temperatures.

The characteristics of Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid make this product particularly suitable for braking systems of commercial vehicles even using Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS).


Pakelo Racing Brake Fluid, as the majority of brake fluid, is hygroscopic (absorbs humidity from the atmosphere). It is recommended to store the product in closed containers and to avoid any contamination of water or other substances that can compromise the exceptional properties of this product.

Levels of Performance

Exceeds FMVSS N°116 – DOT 4 specification for brake fluids.