Krypton Racing 10w60

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Krypton Racing SAE 10W-60

Very high performance fully synthetic lubricant with Alpha-Tech®, suitable for latest generation car engines.

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W-60 is a very high performance fully synthetic lubricant with Alpha-Tech®, suitable for latest generation car engines. It is the result of long-term experience developed during numerous races and continuous scientific and technological research.

  • The product provides the following characteristics:
  • use of selected synthetic base stock mix (Ester / PAO) for a balanced lubricity of the product
  • high detergent properties to maintain engine clean in working conditions
  • high dispersant properties to avoid deposit and sludge agglomeration in working conditions and to maintain correct viscosity of the product during warming up phase
  • adequate anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties
  • use of Friction Modifiers additives that reduce friction and working temperatures, supporting a prompt reaction of the engine and turning the functioning smooth and uniform
  • outstanding resistance to thermal and oxidative degradation and to carbon residues formation, even under high working temperatures
  • low volatility that reduces oil losses caused by evaporation
  • easy and safe start-ups (even at very low temperatures) and high reliability during standard engine working conditions (at every climatic condition)
  • specific additive technology that allows to extend working life of all post-treatment devices present in latest generation engines

PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W-60 is perfectly compatible with all the lubricants that have the same application. However, we recommend to avoid mixing it with other products for not undermining its exceptional properties.

Application fields
PAKELO KRYPTON RACING SAE 10W-60 has been studied for gasoline engines of latest generation cars, also turbocharged with high supercharging pressure. It is particularly indicated for sporty and racing engines working at high revs and/or highly rated, also in extreme climatic conditions.

Thanks to its characteristics, the product can also be used in turbodiesel engines of modern vehicles.
PAKELO KRYPTON RACING is available in several multigrade Viscosity Grades. The choice of suitable Viscosity Grade should be done taking into consideration Constructor’s recommendations, kind of engine, climatic and working temperatures, need for more performance or reliability, etc.

Levels of Performance

The additive package used enables, in the set Viscosity Grades, to meet the following Performance Levels: ACEA A3, API SP