Pakelo Classic 90's 10w40

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The additives in modern lubricants are not suitable for all vintage engines. They are manufactured according to different assignments and for different components. The Pakelo Classic line of lubricants has been designed to preserve the authenticity and automotive parts of classic cars and motorcycles, according to a specific calibrated work against wear.

Pakelo Classic 90's 10W40 Multigrade Mineral Oil for vintage cars built after 1990. This oil takes advantage of modern principles of detergent additives but also meets automotive standards. It offers excellent lubricity and good anti-oxidation ability, ensuring viscosity stability and constant engine oil pressure. The product also protects against corrosion and wear. SAE 10W-40 per API SL/CF requirements.

Unsuitable additives can cause serious damage to classic vehicles. For example, improper or ineffective detergent can cause gums, oil deposits to contact the hottest parts of the engine, while excessive use can cause metallic ash to build up in the combustion chamber of older engines causing clogged lubrication nozzles.

Pakelo Classic lubricants are intended to prevent:

-The accumulation of metallic ashes in the combustion chambers,
- Excessive oil consumption due to gasket attrition or incompatibility,
-High temperature thickening with the formation of varnish clogging filters and piston bands,
- Formation of rust in the internal part of the engine,
-Soot deposit and metallic wear and secondary combustion deposits