Pakelo 404 brake fluid

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Pakelo Brake Fluid 404 is a high performance synthetic brake fluid (DOT level 4), specially studied and formulated for disc and drum brake systems, for light and heavy vehicles. The product, thanks to its special properties, is recommended for vehicles equipped with electronic stability and braking control devices. Pakelo Brake Fluid 404 provides wet and dry boiling points over 265°C and 175°C respectively . dangerous and unpleasant situation of a spongy brake pedal).

Pakelo Brake Fluid 404 fully complies with the specific SAE J1703, SAE J1704 and FMVSS No. 116 performance limits for DOT 3 and DOT 4 brake fluids. Even under the presence of moisture (absorbed by flexible tubes and fluid reservoir brake), the boiling point remains high and this feature further reduces the risk of "vaporization" even under long-lasting working conditions. The product offers excellent compatibility with seals used for braking systems and prevents swelling.In addition, it provides high anticorrosive properties for brake system metals.

1L format.

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